Google Fiber Sets More Service Sign-Up Deadlines In Provo

Google Fiber’s march into Provo, Utah, continued this week as the ISP announced new sign-up deadlines in the final four “fiberhoods” slated for the initial phase of its build-out there.

Fiberhoods that are next in line for signups and their associated service sign-up deadlines are: Grandview (May 15); North Provo (June 12); Southeast Provo (July 17); and Foothills (August 21). Google Fiber has also set a March 27 deadline for the Pioneer/West Provo fiberhood, and already has construction underway in North Park and Downtown Provo.

“If you miss your deadline, we don’t currently have plans to reopen signups for Fiber in the future — so it’s important that you sign up now,” warned John Richards, head of operations for Google Fiber in Provo, in this blog post.

Historically, the threat of missing out for good has been an empty one. In Kansas City, for example, Google Fiber has already looped back to give residents in some fiberhoods a second chance to sign up if they ignored the first sign-up deadline.

Google Fiber’s packages for Provo include a stand-alone 1Gbps broadband service for $70 per month; a TV/1-Gig package starting at $120 per month; and a free Internet service (5 Mbps down by 1 Mbps upstream) in exchange for a one-time $30 installation fee  that will be honored for at least seven years.

Google Fiber entered the market through its acquisition of the iProvo network last July in exchange for $1 and promises to upgrade the network and complete the rollout. Google Fiber began to connect customers of Veracity Networks, the provider that sold services on the original iProvo network, last November. 

In addition to Provo and the Kansas City area, where deployments are underway, Google Fiber is also preparing to connect homes to a 1-Gig network in Austin, Texas, by mid-2014.

Google Fiber announced February that it is exploring the an expansion that would reach into nine metro markets and up to 34 cities, and expects to announce its selections by the end of 2014. If Google Fiber opted for all of them,  it would be looking at a fixed network investment cost of between $2.2 billion to $3 billion, according to an estimate from Bernstein Research analyst Carlos Kirjner.