Google Fiber Means Business

Focusing its aim at a potentially lucrative revenue stream, Google Fiber this week introduced three broadband service plans that are tailored for small business customers.

In the early phases of the launch, eligible small businesses in Charlotte can sign up for one of the following plans, which are all data cap-free and support up to 13 static IPs:

-Fiber Business 1000: Symmetrical 1000 Mbps for $250 per month

-Fiber Business 250: Symmetrical 25 Mbps for $100 per month

-Fiber Business 100: Symmetrical 100 Mbps for $70 per month

Those services will eventually become available in all Google Fiber markets.

The debut of the new set of business-focused services marks a transition from an “Early Access” program for small businesses that Google Fiber introduced in 2014.

Eligible small businesses in Kansas City; Provo, Utah; and Nashville, Tenn., have until July 31 to sign up under the Early Access program, and, starting August 1, will have the option to pick from one of the new plans or keep their Early Access plan and pricing for a full year, John Shriver-Blake, product manager at Google Fiber, explained in this blog post.

He added that Google Fiber’s small business service offering comes with 24/7 support.

The new trio of business services enter play a few weeks after Google Fiber struck a deal to acquire Webpass, an ISP that will assist Google Fiber’s expansion into commercial locations and apartment buildings in major markets such as San Francisco, Oakland, San Diego, Miami, Chicago, and Boston.