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Google Fiber Cuts 1-Gig Price to $55 in San Antonio

Google Fiber this week has opened up sign-ups in two initial areas in San Antonio and is kicking things off with a discounted price on its flagship 1 Gbps broadband service.

In San Antonio, Google Fiber is selling uncapped 1-Gig for $55 per month, versus $70 per month in other Fiber markets.

Among other tweaks, Google Fiber isn’t offering an IPTV service it’s been selling in several of its other markets, opting instead for an option for customers to add YouTube TV, Google’s relatively new OTT-delivered pay TV service, plus an Nvidia Shield TV streaming box/gaming console. In San Antonio, Google Fiber is also pitching in one of its own WiFi routers.

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Google Fiber will keep the first two neighborhoods open for sign-ups until December 21, according to a blog post from Tyler Wallis, Google’s Fiber’s San Antonio city manager.

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