Good times for Hard Knox

The CBS/Paramount duopolies in four major markets have bought New Line TV's 2001 action-hour contender Hard Knox,
possibly the first example of programming synergies the acquisition allows.

The show, cleared in 65% of the U.S., will air on WPSG-TV/KYW-TV Philadelphia, WSBK-TV/WBZ-TV Boston, KTXA/KTVT Dallas and WKBD(TV)/WWJ-TV Detroit.

Back in September, when CBS and Viacom combined those stations operations, as well as ones in Pittsburgh and Miami, CBS Television CEO Les Moonves said "tremendous opportunities presented themselves." One opportunity presented by the double play of Hard Knox
is that if the show runs on both stations in the market, its ratings could be cumed (combined) and that higher number sold to advertisers.

David Spiegelman, New Line TV's executive VP, says deals for his show in the top three markets-New York, Los Angeles and Chicago-should be done by the end of next week.

Hard Knox
stars Melrose Place's
Thomas Calabro falling into a Moonlighting
-ish relationship with his boss, a private investigator/female kickboxing champion played by Kim-Maree Penn.