Good Day growing

If you're thinking about picking up Twentieth Television's Good Day Live
talk strip, now might be a good time to keep a close eye on the show's ratings: Starting today, the show's clearance level expands from 15% of U.S. households to 60%. That includes the Fox owned-and-operated stations in New York and Chicago, which join KTTV(TV) Los Angeles, where the show originates.

Previously undisclosed clearances include WPGH-TV Pittsburgh; WTTV(TV) Indianapolis; KUSI-TV San Diego; WZTV(TV) Nashville, Tenn.; WSTR-TV Cincinnati; WTTE(TV) Columbus, Ohio; WDRB(TV) Louisville, Ky.; KLRT(TV) Little Rock, Ark.; and WXXA-TV Albany, N.Y.

Viacom-owned KPIX-TV San Francisco has scheduled the show for 3 p.m.; UPN affiliate KMAX-TV Sacramento, Calif., will air it at 10 a.m. Fox-affiliate WCCB(TV) Charlotte, N.C., plans a noon airing. In addition to the 12 Fox O&Os previously airing the show, 13 more stations in the group are scheduled to begin airing it today.

In May, the ratings for the show in Los Angeles went through the roof, climbing 90% compared with April, reports executive producer Lisa Kridos, who adds that the show will take advantage of its far wider distribution to tweak the format. New in the mix will be an ongoing series of live shots that will feature local talent at affiliates clearing the show. New York opens up all sorts of opportunities. Live shots from several soap-opera sets and Broadway shows are scheduled. But it's not just the O&Os that will get a piece of that live-shot action: The show plans two live shots from San Francisco with KPIX next week.

"As we expand nationally, we just want to open up the show a little bit," says Kridos. "The basic core of the show doesn't change." The core format is an entertainment magazine with unpredictable co-hosts: Steve Edwards, Dorothy Lucey and Jillian Barberie.