GolTV to Stream Live Matches

New York -- Now GolTV is driving advertising opportunities to the Net.

The soccer-centric service -- which inked a distribution deal with Cox Communications Inc. that will see it roll out in four of the cable operator’s markets next month -- plans to kick off live streaming coverage of two matches per week on its Web site (www.goltv.tv) during the third quarter, following the conclusion of the 2006 FIFA World Cup, according to executive vice president of sales and marketing Eileen Montalvo.

Over time, GolTV -- which claims to offer the most soccer programming of any service on the globe, with some 1,500 live matches annually from 15 circuits and tournaments, including Spain's La Liga and Italy's Serie A -- will up its ante of streamed matches to 10 per week, dipping into its rights from leagues in Colombia, Uruguay, Ecuador and El Salvador, among others.

The broadband coverage, including the original in-country audio feed, is sponsorable, with the network pitching such opportunities as logos affixed to the score clock, banner ads and up to 15 minutes worth of commercials during the intermission period between halves, Montalvo said during an interview following GolTV's upfront advertising presentation here Tuesday.

Montalvo said there were also brand-integration opportunities within the video-streaming vignettes from GolTV commentators, banner associations with real-time online scores and news from the world of European soccer and messaging within audio podcasts from such network fare as 45/45, American Soccer and GolTV News.

In addition, GolTV, looking for a fourth-quarter start, is seeking sponsors for its video-on-demand programming -- a 15-minute all-goal show -- currently available on Comcast Corp. and Cablevision Systems Corp. on-demand platforms.

Montalvo said GolTV's program accounted for 1 million of the 7 million total downloads of all Comcast Hispanic VOD offerings last year. There was no reportage yet for the Cablevision offering, which began two months ago, she added.

As for new programming, GolTV will strip Mexico Lindo y Futbol, a wrap-up show of scores, highlights, stats and life based around the game in that nation, at 11 p.m. weekdays.

The network, in previously announced moves, also talked up Arsenal TV and Liverpool TV as the official programming blocks of the sides from England's Premier League.

The Arsenal action -- including full match coverage of the FA Cup, extended highlights from UEFA Champions League games, midweek matches and classic contests -- will air from 4 p.m.-7 p.m. (EST) Mondays. Liverpool TV, scheduled in the same time slot Tuesdays, will focus on classic matches from the Premiership and Champions League, plus behind-the-scenes coverage and player interviews.

Montalvo said GolTV -- which recently added The Gatorade Co., Frito-Lay North America and DaimlerChrysler’s Dodge to its advertising lineup -- is expected to add 150,000 subscribers on Spanish-language and sports tiers in Cox systems in Fairfax, Va.; New Orleans; and San Diego and Santa Barbara, Calif., June 1.

All told, GolTV -- which makes its primary audio feed available in Spanish or English -- counts some 9 million households, 2.5 million of which are Hispanic households, according to network officials.