Golf Channel's Tee Time Service Adds Courses, Rounds

Golf Channel continues to add courses across the country to its tee time booking service.
The Comcast-owned network said that its now connects with 1,800 courses, having added 329 in such areas as Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, Los Angeles and metro New York.In addition to a growing number of courses, there are more than 730,000 total golfers using the platform to set up their rounds.
Through easy-to-implement solutions,, which is powered by Golf Channel Solutions, sold 3.8 million rounds of golf in 2009, resulting in more than $121 million in additional revenue created for partner courses.
"Golf Channel continues to focus on developing innovative ways to further the game of golf and make golf courses across the country more accessible to the active recreational golfer through initiatives like our online tee-time booking service," said Gene Pizzolato, chief operating officer for Golf Channel New Media Ventures, in a statement. "We are very happy with the opportunity that presents and excited to be giving these local golf courses a new platform to increase revenue streams and to attract more golfers."
Noted Julie Jenkins, general manager for The Legends of Massillon in Ohio: "The Legends of Massillon, like many courses in business today, is always on the lookout for creative ways to increase play at our course. is a perfect and easy solution for us because it virtually runs itself. There are times during the day when we typically have available times to fill, and with we can offer golfers the ability to setup their own tee times at a price-conscious rate. It really is a no-brainer for us and I recommend anyone give it a try."