Golden Globes' Red-Carpet Contest

E! debuted its new red-carpet team featuring Isaac Mizrahi as co-host with Ryan Seacrest and Giuliana DePandi for Jan. 16’s Golden Globes pre-show and handily trounced main rival TV Guide Channel and its mother/daughter tag team, Joan and Melissa Rivers, in the ratings.

The E! special, Live From the Red Carpet, pulled in 1.6 million total viewers, while TV Guide’s pre-show, Joan & Melissa Live on the Red Carpet, earned 508,000. And while Mizrahi got all the glory for groping Scarlett Johansson, we found his comic stylings a tad too Dadaist.

“I love redheads,” he exclaimed in conversation with fiery-haired Desperate Housewife Marcia Cross. “You know who loves redheads is my dog, who’s russet color. Every time a redhead walks in the room, he lights up.”

Flash! thinks it’s a shame more people didn’t watch Ms. Rivers the Elder comment on the TomKat in Katie Holmes’ belly.

“We know the baby is definitely his,” she said, “because they’ve had the sonogram and it shows the baby is only three inches tall, jumping up and down in her womb.”

The surgically youthful Ms. Rivers also claimed that she would “never again pay a man for sex—that’s what my accountant is for.”