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Global Control

Pesa is introducing a router designed for the long haul. The company has integrated its routing-control system with a photonic routing switcher to provide connectivity up to 10 miles.

The XD router is a 64x64 input/output, pure fiber-optic photonic switcher, combining Glimmerglass Networks' Brilliance microphotonics technology with Pesa's versatile 3500PRO control system. According to Bob McAlpine, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Pesa Switching, the result is a system that can be used for long-distance routing for high-end professional broadcast equipment. Mobile production trucks, sporting venues, or other long-distance signal distribution requiring data rates in excess of 1.5 Gbps are just a few of the applications.

The XD router can switch any signal format, including video signals of any definition, and deliver transparent connections without lessening quality. McAlpine says it can switch any signal up to 40 Gbps.

At NAB, Pesa is also rolling out the Clikcontrol Internet router-control system, which operates over Ethernet via TCP/IP and uses a Windows Internet Explorer browser as the client interface. The Clikcontrol server communicates directly to the 3500PRO or Ocelot control system via RS232 port. By logging onto the assigned Web page, Clikcontrol becomes an extension of the Pesa control system from anywhere in the world. Once configured, Clikcontrol can be used like any remote-control panel linked to the system. The client can also control several locations worldwide.

In other Pesa routing news, the company is introducing Premiere, a small expandable routing-switcher system available in input-matrix sizes of 8x4, 12x8, 16x8, and 16x16. It can handle a variety of signal types, including composite, component, and stereo audio. (Future releases will support SDI, HD-SDI, and AES/ EBU.) Features include RS232 support, USB, Ethernet, and Pesa PRC connectivity. The system can also be networked and controlled remotely on an IP network.