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Gilmore Girls spinoff dead

The WB Television Network and Warner Bros. Television will not go forward with a midseason
spinoff of The Gilmore Girls, as planned, after all parties involved determined
that the show would have been too costly to execute correctly.

"After thorough analysis, we have determined that the costs to produce six
episodes of an ambitious series, filmed totally on location in Venice, Calif.,
were simply prohibitive," said Jordan Levin, president of The WB, and Peter Roth,
president of Warner Bros. Television, in a joint statement.

"I should have listened to what my mother told me when I was a little girl:
`If you set a show in Venice, no one's gonna pay for it.' This was a great
project with a great cast," said Amy Sherman-Palladino, creator and co-executive
producer of Gilmore Girls with her husband, Daniel.

The spinoff was to star Milo Ventimiglia as Jess, Rory Gilmore's boyfriend,
who moves to Venice to live with the father he has never known.

The show also was to star Rob Estes as Jess' estranged father, Sherilynn
Fenn as his girlfriend and Saige Thompson.

Gilmore Girls, entering its
fourth season, will continue to air on The WB Tuesdays at 8