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Getting the Wheels in Motion -- Literally and Figuratively

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By Bob Armstrong, Professor of Communications at the
State University of New York at Buffalo (SUNY, Buffalo) in Singapore

In the spring of 1982, I was a fresh graduate of the
telecommunications program at Ohio University and hoping for my first "break"
in broadcast television.  I distinctly remember the classified ad in Broadcasting to which I responded, not
because it was unusual, but because the News Director had attached his name (and
that name was the same as a presidential candidate in the late 1960s).

Within two weeks later, I embarked on a car trip to visit
(unannounced) this Midwestern station, plus a number of other places I had
applied to, courtesy of your magazine.  Happily, many news directors met
me, giving me about ten minutes of their day to this "young upstart."  It
was a great lesson in persistence, salesmanship and getting to know the area
from which someday I hoped to report.

By Labor Day, I had three offers in hand from news
stations in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois.  Although each sounded
interesting, it was the CBS affiliate in Peoria who offered me an additional
opportunity to anchor the weekend news, confirming my ultimate decision. 
Although my life now is in higher education, I do not regret that choice and
appreciate your publication for getting my professional wheels -- both
figuratively and literally -- in motion.