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G4 is launching a Wii-specific Internet portal, the first network Web site optimized specifically for use through the Wii Web browser.

Owners of the Nintendo Wii console will gain immediate access to a wide array of G4's best content, including streaming video, photos, news, game reviews and more.

The optimized site, which is now available to Wii users, takes advantage of the Wii's unique control scheme. Enhancements include optimized video playback, larger font sizes and modified layouts that increase legibility of text, combined with simplified menus designed for use with the Wii remote.

In addition to navigation enhancements, the G4 portal will make an extensive library of exclusive videos easily accessible and instantly streamable. Clips from a wide array of G4 programming are available, including popular series such as Attack of the Show, X-Play, Cheat and more.

And clicking on the link for The Feed within the optimized site opens the informational floodgates and grants immediate access to G4's breaking-news service.

G4's new Wii portal is the latest addition to the G4 Multiplex, which provides convenient access to G4 programming via an assortment of digital platforms, including G4 Mobile, G4 Podcasts, G4 Video Pile and G4 On Demand

G4 notifies viewers of programming available on alternate platforms via a brief, on-screen animated sequence presented at the beginning of each show. Visitors to can access dedicated platform pages that either provide a direct link to content or provide detailed access instructions.