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G4 Launching ‘Duty Free TV’ Block

Comcast-owned cable network G4 announced a new nightly programming block featuring international shows, “Duty Free TV.”

The block is meant as a destination to find the weirdest shows from around the world in one place. The first two shows picked up by G4 were Japanese programs Unbeatable Banzuke, a series of strange athletic challenges in the vein of fellow G4 show Ninja Warrior; and Super Big Product Fun Show, which parodies infomercials demonstrating some of the weirder products available, often painfully.

The decision to create the block came following the success of Ninja Warrior, a Japanese game show that features an intense obstacle course. Warrior will anchor the Duty Free TV programming block.

"Ninja Warrior just scratched the surface -- there are a lot of really interesting and offbeat TV shows outside of the United States that we think young guys will appreciate," G4 president Neal Tiles said in a statement. "The nightly Duty Free TV block provides the perfect platform for new series as we continue our search for the most outrageous international programming from around the world."

The network will most likely seek out other programs from around the world to add to the block.

G4 will air Duty Free TV nightly from 8:30 p.m.-10 p.m.