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G4, Earth 911 Pitch Gcycle Effort

Tackling the need to recycle old electronics gear, G4 is working with environmental organization Earth 911 on a public-awareness campaign dubbed Gcycle.

Launching Earth Day (April 22), the effort to direct people to local recycling locations -- via the information guide -- will be promoted extensively on G4 and tied in with local affiliate activities.

The Environmental Protection Agency estimated that Americans now dispose of more than 3.2 million tons of e-waste every year, G4 said. Much of that e-waste -- ranging from small products like batteries to larger devices such as computer monitors -- contains a harmful assortment of hazardous substances and nonbiodegradable materials. Proper recycling offers long-term environmental advantages and stops the spread of potentially poisonous elements such as cadmium, lead and mercury.

Neal Tiles, president of Comcast-owned G4, said in a release: "Broken gadgets and obsolete electronics are a small inconvenience, but they're part of a much bigger problem. Gcycle will give our audience all the info it needs to make smart choices and help have a positive affect on the environment. Working with Earth 911 and our affiliates will help G4 to promote change both nationally and locally."