Fuze Starts to ‘Mix Things Up' in New Campaign

The juice brand Fuze, bought by Coca-Cola Co. in 2007,
has grown in sales since its acquisition. The brand has developed a TV campaign
that will launch Friday, April 1, reports
Advertising Age

The brand previously relied on campaigns highlighting the
product itself; this TV campaign, which uses the slogan "It's Better When You
Mix Things Up," will introduce a cast of fruit characters. In addition to these
promotions, the brand has reformulated its recipes and dropped 7 products from
its lineup.

The TV campaign will be accompanied by print, in-store,
and digital advertisements.  The campaign
was developed after the company's brand team spent nine months completed
quantitative research and meeting with consumers. Ilan Sobel, senior VP and general
manager of Glaceau, a division of Coca-Cola, said this research helped come up
with the "It's Better When You Mix Things Up" campaign.

"Given that we were so excited and passionate about
the insights gained around consumers, we felt we wanted to reach the masses in
a compelling and creative way," Sobel said. "In that context, it was
time to take the brand into TV." -- Lindsay Rubino