Fuel TV Launches iPhone App

Fuel TV is in the iPhone action.
Fox Cable Networks'action sports service has launched an interactive, media-rich application that is available for free download through the iTune app store.
For now, content is syndicated from the Fuel.tv Web site and includes nine video podcast channels; updates from the Fuel TV blogs; Twitter integration; community photo blog; network show information and schedules; and news updates, and schedules.
The app will also allow for streaming live events, and will be able to download a selection of Fuel TV shows in the near future.
"We're excited to launch this new app," said Fuel TV director of new media Patrick Perez in a statement. "We've been working on creating something that really embodies the Fuel TV web site and we were really able to do that. Every aspect of Fuel is included, our shows, our blogs, our podcasts, tweets, they're all there. There's even an opportunity for fans to get involved by posting photos directly through the app. We're excited about including live streaming Webcasts in the near future, making this app a must-have for any action sport fan."