FTC slams padded breast claims

The Federal Trade Commission has settled with Vital Dynamics, a California
company, over the deceptive marketing -- including extensive TV and radio ads --
of the "Isis breast-enhancement" system.

The complaint alleged that the company and principals Geoffrey Knight, Mark
Berman and Allen Smith could not support their efficacy claims.

Isis is a combination herbal supplement and topical cream, the latter of which
contains, according to the FTC complaint, "blessed thistle, wild hops, yam, saw
palmetto, chaste tree, fenugreek, fennel, black cohosh, damiana, dong quai,
methylsulfonylmethane, royal jelly, skullcap, curcubita pepo pumpkin seed and
lycium chinese herb extract."

The FTC also said that counter to the company's claim that the product was
safe, with no reported side effects, "defendants had received hundreds of
complaints about side effects including headache, nausea and allergic

The agreement required the company to have documentation ready the next time
it tries to advertise any claims challenged in the complaint.

It also required the company's three principals to pony up $16,667 apiece.
That figure is based on the company's current ability to pay (it filed for
bankruptcy in September).

If Vital Dynamics has misrepresented its finances, however, it will have to
pay $22 million.