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Frontier Gets Going With

Frontier Communications is joining the small but building wave by deploying the technology to some apartments and multi-dwelling units across Connecticut. is a new standard that can help ISPs extend the life of DSL networks and position them to deliver 1-Gig speeds without FTTP upgrades while also giving them access to technology that can compete more directly with the performance of cable’s widespread DOCSIS networks.


Frontier and Nokia said they’ll deliver “fiber-like speeds” to buildings targeted by the platform.

"Nokia's field-proven solution will help Frontier quickly bring ultra-broadband access to customers by using the existing copper twisted-pair wiring that is often found in apartment buildings,” Steve Gable, Frontier’s EVP and CTO said in a statement.” Without it, we'd have to drill holes and pull fiber into each apartment unit we serve, a time-consuming and challenging process that can be frustrating for customers. Nokia's solution allows us to deliver new enhanced services without ever having to enter the place of residence."

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Nokia said it has completed trials with more than 40 customers and is involved in commercial deployments with 10 partners, including Openreach, Chunghwa Telecom, A1 Telekom Austria and Energia Communications.

Of recent note, Windstream teamed up with Calix to deploy to MDUs in Lincoln, Neb. Last year, U.K. telecom BT said it wasdelivering up to 330 Mbps in a trial.