Frontier Fires Up ‘Vantage’ Brand

Frontier Communications, which is nearing the close of its pending acquisitions of a batch of Verizon wireline properties, has launched a “Vantage” premium brand that will be affixed to its mix of video, broadband and IP voice services.

Frontier introduced its Vantage brand and set of products in Durham, N.C., in the fourth quarter of 2015, and will now bring it to parts of Connecticut and expand to other markets.

The new branding also enters play as Frontier moved forward on a plan to launch IP-based video service to more than 40 markets, representing about 3 million homes, over the next three to four years. Once that’s complete, Frontier will offer video service to about 50% of it 8.5 million homes in its current footprint. Its pending deals for Verizon’s wireline assets in California, Texas and Florid will give Frontier the chance to expand the Vantage TV brand to more than 3 million more homes.

Frontier also shed some light on the new Vantage TV service,  noting that it will offer 4K capability in “select markets,” offer up to 1 terabyte of DVR storage, and a whole-home DVR set-up that records up to four shows at once.

It will also support a VoD library of more than 100,000 movies and TV shows, an enhanced search capability that lets users find shows across live TV, VOD and the DVR, and a “Channel Peeks” feature that maintains full-screen viewing while letting the subscriber get a glimpse of other programs on live TV and content recorded to the DVR. The video platform will also integrate Twitter and Facebook and interactive apps spanning weather, home shopping and games, Frontier said. 

“This is the perfect time for Frontier to launch our premier products. ‘Vantage’ conveys the ultimate customer experience and represents products and services that deliver value, solutions, and choice,” Cecilia K. McKenney, EVP and chief customer officer and head of corporate marketing at Frontier, said in a statement.