Frontier, AirTies Make Home WiFi Connection

Looking to provide better, more consistent in-home WiFi, Frontier Communications is hawking AirTies Wireless Networks’ Smart Mesh WiFi” platform via Frontier Secure, a site that sells a mix of smart home products and services.

Per the site, Frontier is selling the AirTies Smart Mesh WiFi product individually for $72 and in pairs for $144. Customers link those devices to the main router/gateway to expand and improve WiFi access in the home. Frontier sells products and services via Frontier Secure to residential and small business customers on a national basis, and offers products wholesale through strategic partnerships.

Frontier is the second (and largest) North American operator to deploy AirTies’s WiFi Mesh product; the first was Midco, which is selling a whole-home WiFi service starting at $7.95 per month. Frontier said it also has trials underway with mid-sized and large service providers in the U.S. AirTies is working with several providers outside the U.S., including Sky, Vodafone, Singtel, and Swisscom.

“At Frontier, we’re committed to continually improving the Connected Home experience to meet the needs of our customers across the country,” Kelly Morgan, SVP and GM of Frontier Secure, said in a statement. “AirTies has a proven track record of enhancing the performance of in-home Wi-Fi for leading operators around the globe, and we are pleased to bring its next-generation technology to our customers.” 

“Delivering quality broadband is no longer just about reaching the home, but about the experience throughout the entire home – a vision we share with Frontier,” added AirTies CEO Philippe Alcaras.