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Free Press Circulates ‘Whack-a-Murdoch’ Game

Anti-media consolidation group Free Press sent out e-mails asking for support and a contribution to its effort, tied to the playing of a new online game, "Whack-a-Murdoch," a variation on the popular whack-a-mole arcade game that has been adopted by the Web in a host of variants.

In the game, players use a hammer to "whack" the News Corp. chairman as his head pops up out of holes in a map of the United States. With each hit, the hole turns into a Fox-owned TV station in that state.

The game closes with the map plastered with other News Corp. properties including The Wall Street Journal, DirecTV, Fox News Channel, MySpace and Harper-Collins.

"This is more than just a game," the group advises, asking players to "join others in the fight to ‘whack’ consolidation.”