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France's Numericable to Deploy Cisco DOCSIS 3.0 Gear

Numericable, the No. 1 cable operator in France, will upgrade its nationwide network using Cisco Systems equipment to deliver ultra-fast broadband services -- theoretically up to 100 megabits per second -- by the end of 2007.

Numericable said it will increase the bandwidth on its existing cable network by using Cisco's wideband solution, which applies downstream channel-bonding technology to increase throughput -- a technology defined by Cable Television Laboratories' Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification 3.0.

The operator will use Cisco's uBR10012 cable-modem-termination systems and xDQA24 edge quadrature-amplitude modulators, along with Scientific Atlanta's EPC2505 wideband cable modems. The upgrade will allow Numericable to offer video, voice and data services over a single broadband connection.

Numericable offers video, data and voice services to 9 million households in France.