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Fox's Snow Could Be Next Bush Spokesman

As expected, White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan is exiting in the next two or three weeks as part of a general shake-up of the White House staff by new Chief of Staff Josh Bolten.

Contenders to take over the top spokesman role include two media figures, Fox News Radio's Tony Snow and CNN contributor Torie Clarke. Clarke is the former Pentagon and NCTA spokeswoman.

Clarke said last week on CNN that she was not interested in the job. The White House has discussed the post with Snow, according to Fox.

Clarke said again Wednesday that she was not taking that job. It is not under consideration, and "is not happening," she said, adding that she was starting to feel a little hurt that Wolf Blitzer and Democratic consultant Paul Begala, with whom she is teamed on CNN's The Situation Room, which blitzer hosts, kept trying to push her into the job.