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Fox's Hume Reflects On Retirement

Fox News' Brit Hume, who has been covering politics for 35 years, will retire after the election. And he's having no second thoughts.

"The absolutely indispensable ingredient in being any good in this business is enthusiasm," says Hume, who is 65. "You look at a guy like Mike Wallace, who worked up into his 80s and never lost his enthusiasm. I've started to lose mine. This stuff exhausts me as much as it excites me, and I'm just kind of tired of doing it." He was feted in a laughter-filled salute at New York's 21 restaurant last week.

Precisely when Hume goes has yet to be determined. Following his retirement, Hume will be conferred emeritus status at the network, anchoring special events and occasionally filling in for Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace.

Roger Ailes, chairman of Fox News, called Hume a "pillar of the news network. He probably knows more about politics and more about journalism than any man alive."