Fox says Survivor is fixed

Fox is accusing CBS of fixing the outcomes of the Survivor reality series and using the courts to scare rival shows so it can establish a reality TV monopoly, Reuters reports.

Fox Broadcasting Co. leveled the charge of manipulation in its formal reply to a CBS lawsuit last month that alleged Fox's Boot Camp series was an attempt to steal its Survivor concept.
Fox's response in a U.S. District Court filing follows the admission earlier this week by Survivor executive producer Mark Burnett that he has re-enacted show segments to get better camera shots, but not to alter the outcome of competitions.

Former "Survivor" castaway Stacey Stillman filed suit in February claiming producers pressured two other players in the show's initial run, which aired last summer, to vote her off the game ahead of retired Navy SEAL Rudy Boesch. CBS has counter-sued Stillman, accusing her of defamation and breach of contract.