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Fox Reality Captures Nightclub Confessions

Fox Reality will debut Nightclub Confessions, the channel’s first original series geared for online consumption.

Beginning May 30, viewers can log on to the network’s Web site to listen in on a soundproof confession booth, where club-goers discuss their secrets and desires.

Booths have been placed in clubs in Los Angeles, Long Beach and Orange County, and they will travel across the country in future series. Webisodes will run 8-10 minutes, and on June 30, the channel will compile footage for a one-hour televised show.

“It pushes the bounds of ‘reality’ and gives our viewers something everyone wants -- access into the hottest nightclubs,” Fox Reality chief operating officer and general manager David Lyle said in a prepared statement. “It doesn't get more real than people with their barriers down. You'll see unedited, spur-of-the-moment reactions to what's happening that evening.”

Nightclub Confessions is produced by executive producers Gary Auerbach, Julie Auerbach and Jenny Daly of Go Go Luckey Productions (Laguna Beach, Rollergirls, ParadiseCity).