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Fox News Leads All-News Coverage of Virginia Tech Tragedy

As developments surrounding the Virginia Tech campus massacre engulfed the nation early this week, more viewers have been turning to Fox News Channel to learn more about the tragedy.

According to Nielsen Media Research data, Fox News was the most-watched of the cable news services April 16, the day 32 students and teachers were killed on the campus in Blacksburg, Va., and April 17, as word spread about crazed killer Cho Seung-Hui.

Gauged on a total day basis, Fox News averaged 1.64 million viewers Monday compared with 1.27 million for CNN and 525,000 for MSNBC. In primetime that night, the tallies were 2.72 million, 2.41 million and 796,000 for the respective services, according to Nielsen data.

On April 17, Fox News averaged 1.45 million viewers in total day and just over 2 million in primetime. For its part, CNN registered with 1.14 million and 1.62 million in the aforementioned measures, while MSNBC recorded 399,000 in total day on average and 526,000 watchers during primetime.