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Fox invites viewers to Paradise Hotel

Fox's summer schedule continues to take shape with the unscripted
Paradise Hotel will premiere in Fox's assigned reality wheel, Monday at 9
p.m., June 16.

The show will air twice per week, Mondays and Wednesdays, for eight weeks.

Other Fox shows already scheduled for summer are Warren Littlefield's Keen
, launching June 3 at 9 p.m., after American Juniors,
American Idol for the kiddie set.

Paradise Hotel follows 12 singles, six men and six women, as they live in
the world's most exclusive resort.

Each week, one hotel guest will be voted out by their fellow residents.

The next guest will come from a studio audience that competes to go to the

Once the residents choose the next guest, he or she flies immediately to the
resort to join the fun.

On Monday nights, viewers will watch the guests at the hotel and on Wednesday
nights, viewers will watch the studio audience compete to get on the show.

Paradise Hotel is a format originated in the United Kingdom by Mentorn, a production
subsidiary of The Television Corp.

Howard Davidson and Phil Roberts developed the idea for Mentorn, while
Mentorn's Tom Gutteridge and Charles Thompson will executive-produce the show,
in association with Los Angeles-based executive producer Arthur