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Fox to Cablevision Subs: Get Thee to an Antenna

Fox Networks, well into the
seventh day of its blackout of Cablevision Systems, issued a plea to
the MSO's customers urging them to either seek an alternate video provider
or buy an antenna to watch their broadcast programming, which includes
the upcoming World Series, over the air.

"For the past eight days
Cablevision has deprived their subscribers of the National League Championship
Series, possibly two weekends of NFL on Fox, and a full week of Fox's
primetime shows," Fox said in a statement. "Unfortunately, it's
becoming clear that Cablevision believes Fox has very limited value
to their customers.   We urge those Cablevision subscribers who want to
see the World Series (beginning October 27) to switch providers or purchase
an over the air antenna now."

Fox pulled its broadcast stations
in New York and New Jersey from Cablevision on Oct. 16 over a carriage
fee dispute. Since then Cablevision customers have
the NFL New York Giants game last Sunday and the first six games of the NLCS. Cablevision has repeatedly called for the programmer to agree to binding
arbitration to resolve the matter. Fox has rejected that request, adding
that it would reward Cablevision for negotiating in bad faith.