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Fox Biz Unveils Logo, Talent

Less than a month before Fox Business Network (FBN) launches on cable, Fox has settled on a logo for the channel. Featuring bold gold letters against a black background, the logo sports Fox's trademark klieg lights, in the shape of twin beams shooting skyward.

Ray Lambiase, vice president of Graphics for FBN, who started the project in June, says the gold is a nod to the riches one might garner from tuning in to FBN. The trickiest part was composing something that could work in the various platforms a program exists in today, whether it's on-air, online, or on a promotional item, such as a pen. “Making it look good is tough enough, but it has to work a dozen different ways,” Lambiase says. “It's not one size fits all.”

Toward that end, Lambiase created the horizontal gold bar that separates “Fox” from “Business.” When the logo is used for a program's segment, “Business” can be dropped in favor of the segment title.

FBN also finalized its talent and executive producers. David Asman, Cheryle Casone, Rebecca Gomez, Dagen McDowell and Stuart Varney were named anchors late last week. All come from Fox News Channel and will pull double duty.

Among executive producers, Terry Baker helms the weekend and primetime hours, joining from rival CNBC. Brian Donlan, from iVillage, will handle the morning lineup. Good Morning America's Andrew Hoffman is in charge of daytime programming, and Garry Schreier, currently executive producer for business news, moves into a consulting role on Your World and FNC's Saturday-morning business block, while adding late-afternoon and early evening content at FBN to his duties. They join Neil Cavuto and Alexis Glick, managing editor and director, respectively, of Fox Business.