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FourthWall Nets Ad Widget Patent

FourthWall Media, a company that specializes in interactive apps and set-top box viewing data, said the U.S. Patent Office has approved a patent for a system and method that ties into the vendor’s Ad Widgets interactive advertising platform.

The company said the technology allows cable operators or other distributors of interactive TV ads to deploy new interactive ad units reliably while eliminating the need to test each individual interactive spot. In turn, it enables advertisers to choose from a variety of certified Ad Widgets that overlay interactivity on their commercial spots.

The technology itself is also built into an Ad Widgets Console that lets operators select from templates that allow them to tailor elements such as background color, messaging and graphics.

Functions enabled by the technology described in the patent include targeted billboard overlays, voting and polling, requests for information, and the ability to play longer form video, the company said.

FourthWall said it has 16 patents granted and 79 pending.