FourthWall Media Expands MassiveData Viewership Footprint

FourthWall Media has expanded its MassiveData viewership footprint.

The measurement and advertising solutions firm said that with new participants the total numbers of viewers providing set-top data has reached the 4.7 million mark. This group uses 3 million cable TV devices and reside in 1.8 million homes across the U

Launched last August, MassiveData collects census-level second-by-second usage data from traditional cable operators for all of their channels deployed in system and combines it with proprietary data-mining and analytics technologies 

“MassiveData’s television viewing panel is the largest independent source of cable viewing data,” said Bill Feininger, general manager, MassiveData and senior vice president of media measurement of FourthWall.  “From this panel, we have access to multiple television viewing datasets from viewers, devices, and households.  Armed with these datasets, MassiveData is able to provide new metrics and analytics to advertisers and their agencies, broadcast and cable networks, and cable system operators.  The larger panel size we are announcing today will make our product that much more valuable.”

"FourthWall has been instrumental in the advancement of television both on the interactive and data fronts,” said Tim Peters, FourthWall CEO.  “The benefits of Big Data in the television world are just beginning to be understood.  Our work in the presidential election last year is a glowing example of harnessing our data and matching it to other databases for a more competitive and actionable result.  Beneficiaries were not only the candidate but the participating cable operators who saw their ad inventory become more valuable.”