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Four Set-Tops Support Microsoft IPTV

Microsoft and four of its set-top partners -- Cisco Systems, Motorola, Philips Consumer Electronics and Tatung -- announced Tuesday the availability of system-on-a-chip set-top boxes that support the Microsoft IPTV Edition software platform.

The new system-on-a-chip boxes, according to Microsoft, will make it easier for service providers to deploy IPTV Edition more broadly and quickly and to launch new TV services such as digital-video recording and picture-in-picture.

Christine Heckart, general manager of marketing for the Microsoft TV division, said in a prepared statement, “As our service-provider customers are beginning worldwide deployments of IPTV Edition and set-top partners are unveiling these advanced devices, consumers will be able to experience television in a new, exciting way. This milestone is a testament to the remarkable progress our IPTV ecosystem has made in just a few years, and it will pave the way for service providers to deliver richer TV services at a lower cost.”

The companies made the announcement at the Broadband World Forum Europe conference.