The Force Is with Cinemax

In a galaxy that’s not too far away, Cinemax subscribers will be able to watch all six Star Wars films during a weekend marathon.

The Cinemax Star Wars Weekend Marathon -- which marks the first time the entire saga will be available in HD -- begins at midnight Friday, Nov. 10, with Star Wars: Episode One - The Phantom Menace and concludes Nov. 13 with Return of the Jedi.

Throughout the weekend, the premium channel will devote its schedule to George Lucas’ epic cinematic journey, giving viewers multiple opportunities to watch the films in HD for the first time.

Before blasting off on the linear channel, Cinemax on Demand users will have access to the films anytime from Nov. 2-Dec. 28.

HBO vice president of market development Lucinda Martinez Desir said the on-demand offerings will include more than one-dozen special features and footage -- notably original concept art and behind-the-scenes looks at the making of the franchise’s creatures from Lucasfilm.

For its part, Comcast, over the aforementioned span, will present the films on Cinemax on Demand in HD -- an exclusive component that can be found under the Star Wars HD category.

“Putting the films on HD is too compelling for viewers to ignore,” Martinez Desir said. "We’re at the intersection of audience that’s interested in new technology and all of the Star Wars fans. This has the feeling of a big event. The bloggers are going crazy and the agencies that are working on this with us are very excited.”

To support the marathon, Cinemax is running a TV campaign that will be complemented by a six-page gatefold in Entertainment Weekly Nov. 3.

And Martinez Desir said Star Wars events will be held in key markets, along with a national online game and sweepstakes -- the Cinemax Corellian Challenge, in which users travel through space to destroy enemy ships, restore freedom to the galaxy and potentially win weekly prizes or a $10,000 grand prize.