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Football bumps Chung in Charlotte

ABC's Charlotte, NC affiliate didn't carry PrimeTime Thursday's exclusive interview with Gary Condit in primetime.

WSOC-TV Charlotte was obligated to carry a Carolina Panther's preseason football game with the Baltimore Ravens and aired the one-hour show at 11:30 p.m. ET, after the station's local news and the football game.

Kay Hall, WSOC programming director at ABC's Cox-owned affiliate in Charlotte, said "When this conflict came up, we worked with ABC to run the Condit interview at 11:35 immediately following our local newscast. And then we aired Nightline right behind that. So we worked with ABC immediately once the conflict came up and did promotions and did squeeze-backs within the football game itself to let people know. We made every effort to make sure people were aware." - Joe Schlosser