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Food cooks up four

Food Network has taken the lids off four new series and 16 new specials for
fall. Topping the list of new series are two prime time entries.

Top 5, an homage to countdown shows, will feature everything from the
"Top Five Deep Fried Treats" (would you believe candy bars is one of them?) to
peeling back the foil corner on Baby Boomer's collective memory with TV dinners
and other "Top Five Fads of the 50's."

In Food Hunter, host Pete Luckett will take viewers to exotic
locations to seek out fruits and vegetables in their natural habitat (picture
Steve Irwin wrestling cukes instead of crocs).

New to the Saturday 'cooking school' block are Paula's Home Cooking,
featuring Savannah chef Paula Deen, and Barefoot Contessa, featuring
cookbook author Ina Garten.