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In Focus

WGN Distributes Moesha

Tribune-owned Superstation WGN has picked up Paramount’s Moesha, starring pop star Brandy, to air weekdays and weekends starting Sept. 10. The show is moving off broadcast syndication and into exclusive distribution on WGN, which will be the show’s only analog cable outlet. “The big push for us is young demos,” says Bill Shaw, WGN president and GM. WGN will pair the show with Carsey-Werner’s The Cosby Show in weekday early fringe, replacing Warner Bros.’ Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. WGN reaches more than 65 million households. Moesha also will air on Nickelodeon’s digital cable channel Noggin. Paramount, Nickelodeon and Noggin are all owned by Viacom. The show started in broadcast syndication in fall 2000 and will run through the end of this summer.

SNTA Conference in March

SNTA Syndication Day 2005, an annual conference of syndicators and advertisers held by Syndication Network Television Association, is scheduled for March 10 in New York, March 21 in Chicago and March 24 in Los Angeles, says SNTA President Mitch Burg. For media planners who cannot attend the whole day, a 4 p.m. “Planners Summit” will be held, summarizing important information.