KKFR(FM) Glendale/Phoenix, Ariz., and KXPK(FM) Evergreen/Denver, Colo.

Price: $108 million

Buyer: Emmis Communications Corp., Indianapolis (Jeffrey H. Smulyan, chairman; owns/is buying/ manages 22 TVs, four other AMs and 14 other FMs, including KMVP(AM) and ktar(am)-kklt(fm) Phoenix. Note: These stations and KEYI-FM San Marcos/Austin, Texas, were to be sold to Hispanic Broadcasting Corp. for $127 million. However, the Justice Department nixed the deal (B & C, June 19). A new buyer for keyi has not been announced

Seller: Clear Channel Communications Inc., San Antonio (L. Lowry Mays, chairman); owns/is buying 19 TVs and 874 radio stations, including KESZ(FM), KMXP(FM) and KNIX-FM Phoenix and KZZP(FM) Mesa/Phoenix, Ariz., and khow(am)-khik(fm), koa(am)-krfx(fm) and KBPI(FM) Denver, KBCO-FM Boulder/Denver, KTCL(FM) Fort Collins/ Denver and KTLK(AM) Thornton/Denver

Facilities: kkfr: 92.3 MHz, 100 kW, ant. 1,646 ft.; kxpk: 96.5 MHz, 93 kW, ant. 328 ft.

Formats: kkfr: CHR; kxpk: AAA

KFRQ(FM), KKPS(FM), KVLY(FM) and KVPA(FM) Harlingen/Brownsville/ McAllen, Texas

Price: $55 million

Buyer: Entravision Communications Co. LLC, Santa Monica, Calif. (Walter A. Ulloa, chairman; Philip C. Wilkinson, president); owns/is buying 14 TVs, 17 AMs and 25 other FMs

Seller:Sunburst Media Corp., Dallas (John M. Borders, president); owns/ has interest in 10 AMs and 28 FMs

Facilities: kfrq: 94.5 MHz, 100 kW, ant. 1,158 ft.; kkps: 99.5 MHz, 100 kW, ant. 1,034 ft.; kvly: 107.9 MHz, 100 kW, ant. 765 ft.; kvpa: 101.1 MHz, 3 kW, ant. 360 ft.

Formats: kfrq: adult rock; kkps: Spanish music; kvly: AC; kvpa: classic rock

KRNH(FM) Comfort/Kerrville/San Antonio and KBUC(FM) Pleasanton/San Antonio, Texas

Price: $45 million ($25 million for kbuc; $20 million for krnh)

Buyer: Hispanic Broadcasting Corp., Dallas (McHenry T. Tichenor Jr., president [Clear Channel Communications Inc., 26% owner]); owns/is buying 16 AMs and 35 FMs, including kcor(am)-krom(fm) and KXTN-AM-FM San Antonio

Sellers: krnh: Radio Ranch Ltd., Kerrville (Lyndell M. Grubbs, president); no other broadcast interests kbuc: Reding Enterprises Ltd., San Antonio (Bubba Reding, principal); owns KBOP-FM Jourdanton/Pleasanton, Texas

Facilities: krnh: 95.1 MHz, 50 kW, ant. 492 ft.; kbuc: 98.3 MHz, 3 kW, ant. 300 ft.

Formats: krnh: traditional country; kbuc: country

KTMO(FM) Kennett, Mo./Memphis, Tenn.

Price: $4 million (deal contingent on FCC approval of change of city of license to Munford, Tenn.)

Buyer: Kennett Broadcasting LP, Newton, Mass. (owner; Kennett Broadcasting Inc., general partner [Albert J. Kaneb, vice president/ owner; Michael A. Kaneb, vice president/president, Barnstable Broadcasting Inc.]). Al Kaneb owns/has interest in eight AMs and 15 other FMs, including WGKX(FM) and WSRR-FM Memphis. Barnstable owns six AMs and 11 FMs, including WRBO(FM) New Albany/Tupelo, Miss./ Memphis

Seller: Legend Broadcasting Inc., Chicago (Scott Krusinski, president); no other broadcast interests

Facilities: 98.9 MHz, 100 kW, ant. 994 ft.

Format: News/talk

Brokers: Norman Fisher & Associates; Star Media (both seller)

KISP(FM) Blair/Omaha, Neb.

Price: $950,000 (deal is contingent on FCC approval of signal upgrade and change of city of license to Whiting, Iowa, located between Omaha and Sioux City, Iowa)

Buyer: Waitt Media Inc., Omaha (Norman W. Waitt Jr., chairman/owner); owns/is buying/manages five TVs, 20 AMs and 33 other FMs, including KMEG(TV) Sioux City and KZSR(FM) Onawa/Sioux City, Iowa, and KKAR(AM) Omaha, KAZP(AM) and KOIL(AM) Bellevue/Omaha, KZFX(FM) Lincoln/Omaha and KCTY-FM (formerly kotd-fm) Plattsmouth/Omaha, Neb., and KQKQ-FM Council Bluffs, Iowa/Omaha

Seller: CVC Capital Corp., Washington (Joerg G. Klebe, principal); owns five TVs, two AMs and seven FMs. Klebe has interest in two other FMs

Facilities: 101.5 MHz, 25 kW, ant. 302 ft.

Format: Country

WRVZ(FM) Pocatalico/Charleston, W.Va.

Price: $800,000

Buyer: West Virginia Radio Corp., Morgantown, W.Va. (brothers John R. and David A. Raese, owners); owns wcaw(am)-wvaf(fm), wchs(am)-wkws(fm) and WSWW(AM) Charleston and WKAZ(FM) Miami/Morgantown, W.Va. Raeses also own two other AMs and five other FMs

Seller: Weigle Broadcasting Corp., Charleston (Robert Benns, president); no other broadcast interests

Facilities: 98.7 MHz, 63 W, ant. 617 ft.

Format: Classic rock

WICI(FM) Sumter, S.C.

Price: $728,496

Buyer: Point 7 Entertainment Inc., Sumter (Jodi L. Gomes, president); no other broadcast interests

Seller: Iris Communications Inc., Sumter (Ralph Canty, chairman/president); no other broadcast interests

Facilities: 94.7 MHz, 3 kW, ant. 479 ft.

Format: Adult urban

Construction permit for new FM in Cascade (near Great Falls), Mont.

Price: $326,000

Buyer: Fisher Broadcasting Inc., Spokane, Wash. (Larry P. Roberts, president); owns 13 TVs, 10 AMs and 17 other FMs

Seller: Frank K. Spain, Hobe Sound, Fla.; owns three TVs and one FM

Facilities: 104.9 MHz, 94 kW, ant. 1,864 ft.

Construction permit for KDEP(FM) Depoe Bay (near Salem), Ore.

Price: $200,000

Buyer: Alexandra Communications Inc., Walla Walla, Wash. (Thomas D. Hodgins, president). Hodgins has interest in two AMs and three other FMs

Seller: Ginna Jones, Depoe Bay; no other broadcast interests

Facilities: 105.5 MHz, 6 kW, ant. -216 ft.