WIHN(FM) Normal/Bloomington and WSNI(FM) Colfax/Normal/Bloomington, Ill.

Price: $3.125 million

Buyer: Radio Partners Inc., Bristol, R.I. (Mike Schwartz, principal); owns one AM and seven other FMs

Seller: Kelly Communications, Peoria, Ill. (Bob Kelly, principal); owns one AM and three FMs

Facilities: wihn: 96.7 MHz, 6 kW, ant. 410 ft.; wsni: 92.9 MHz, 6 kW, ant. 328 ant.

Formats: wihn: rock; wsni: lite AC

Brokers: Mahlman Co., Satterfield & Perry (both buyer)

KBFL(FM) Buffalo, Mo.

Price: $550,000

Buyer: Meyer-Baldridge Inc., Springfield, Mo. (Kenneth E. Meyer, president). Meyer owns KTXR(FM) and KWTO-AM-FM Springfield

Seller: KBFL Radio Inc., Sulphur Springs, Texas (Galen O. Gilbert, owner). Gilbert owns two AMs and five FMs

Facilities: 99.9 MHz, 3.10 kW, ant. 476 ft.

Format: Music of your life

KHBT(FM) Humbolt, Iowa

Price: $500,000

Buyer: Waitt Media Inc., Omaha, Neb. (Norman W. Waitt Jr., chairman/owner); owns five TVs, six AMs and 13 other FMs

Seller: Signature Communications Inc., Adel, Iowa (Frank Hayer, principal); no other broadcast interests

Facilities: 97.7 MHz, 5.8 kW, ant. 275 ft.

Format: AC

WXYQ(FM) Manistee, Mich.

Price: $300,000

Buyer: Lake Michigan Broadcasting Inc., Ludington, Mich. (Roger K. Baerwolf, president); owns two AMs and two other FMs, including WMTE(AM) Manistee

Seller: Crystal Clear Communications, Washington (Marc Rosseels, president); owns WBNZ(FM) Frankfort, Mich.

Facilities: 101.5 MHz, 3 kW, ant. 115 ft.

Format: Oldies