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Swap of KRVA(FM) Campbell/Dallas (formerly KZDF[FM] McKinney/Dallas) and KRVF(FM) Kerens (formerly KZDL[FM] Terrell/Dallas), Texas, for KXGM-FM Muenster/Gainesville/Dallas, Texas

Value: $19.75 million (being paid by swapper of krva and krvf to swapper of kxgm-fm)

Swapper,krva, krvf: Entravision; owns KRVA(AM) Cockrell Hill/Dallas and four Texas TVs; is buying WUNI-TV-DT Worcester/Boston, Mass. (see TV item, above)

Swapper,kxgm-fm: First Broadcasting Co. LP, Dallas (Ronald A. Unkefer, member); no other broadcast interests

Note: FBC recently acquired KXGM-FM for $4.11 million (Changing Hands, July 1)

Facilities: krva: 106.9 MHz, 2.5 kW, ant. 351 ft.; krvf: 107.1 MHz, 3.3 kW, ant. 440 ft.; KXGM-FM: 106.5 MHz, 6 kW, ant. 328 ft.

Formats: krva: Spanish; krvf: rebroadcasts krva; KXGM-FM: oldies

Broker: Media Venture Partners (FBC)

KMOU(FM) and KSFX(FM) Roswell, N.M.

Price: $1.25 million ($750,000 for kmou; $500,000 for ksfx)

Buyer: Roswell Radio Inc., Roswell (John M. and Trisha K. Dunn, co-owners); owns KBCQ(FM) Roswell

Seller: Blaze Broadcasting Co./Roswell FM Joint Venture, Roswell (Warren Scott, principal); no other broadcast interests. Note: Scott acquired kmou for $350,000 in 1996

Facilities: kmou: 104.7 MHz, 50 kW, ant. 410 ft.; ksfx: 100.5 MHz, 100 kW, ant. 122 ft.

Formats: kmou: country; ksfx: classic rock, AOR

Broker: Explorer Communications Inc. (buyer)

WNWS-FM Jackson, Tenn.

Price: $925,000

Buyer: Radiocorp of Jackson Inc., Brownsville, Tenn. (co-owners Lyle Reid and Carlton Veirs, president); owns wnws(am)-wtbg(fm) Brownsville; is selling wtne(am)-wwez(fm) Trenton, Tenn. (Changing Hands, Oct. 2)

Seller: Jackson Broadcasters LP, Jackson (Murinell Huntspun, principal); no other broadcast interests

Facilities: 101.5 MHz, 3 kW, ant. 300 ft.

Format: News/talk

WKNZ(FM) Collins/Hattiesburg and WXHB(FM) Richton/Hattiesburg, Miss.Price: $690,000

Buyer: Radio Broadcasters LLC, Meridian, Miss. (Kenneth R. Rainey Sr., managing/50% member); owns WMXI(FM) Laurel/Hattiesburg, WZKR(FM) Kosciusko (near Jackson and Meridian) and WMYQ(AM) Newton/Meridian, Miss.

Seller: Sunbelt Broadcasting Corp., Columbia, Miss. (Thomas F. McDaniel, principal); no other broadcast interests

Facilities: wknz: 107.1 MHz, 2.25 kW, ant. 541 ft.; wxhb: 96.5 MHz, 6 kW, ant. 328 ft.

Formats: wknz: Groovin'Oldies; wxhb: talk/news

KADA-FM Ada, Okla.

Price: $596,808 plus proceeds of sale of real estate and equipment of KTLS(AM) Holdenville/Ada, Okla. (price includes $35,000 worth of advertising and $11,808 for three-year tower lease)

Buyer: Tres Broadcasting LLC, Dallas (Richard Witkovski, 100% member); owns eight other FMs and five AMs, including KACO(FM) Ardmore/Ada and KICM(FM) Healdton/Ada, Okla.

Seller: Chickasaw Nation Inc., Ada (Bill Anoatubby, governor); owns KADA(AM) Ada. Note: Seller gets half-hour time slot on Sundays for next three years on kada, kaco and kicm

Facilities: 99.3 MHz, 5.5 kW, ant. 299 ft.

Format: Duplicates KADA(AM) (country)

Construction permit for WHHD(FM) Murdock/Punta Gorda (near Fort Myers), Fla.

Price: $500,000

Buyer: Clear Channel; owns WOLZ(FM) Fort Myers/Naples, WCKT(FM) Lehigh Acres/Fort Myers/Naples, WOST(FM) Port Charlotte/Fort Myers/Naples and WQNU(FM) Naples Park/Naples/Fort Myers, Fla. (see Combo item). Note: Clear Channel bought wccf(am)-wikx(fm) Punta Gorda/Fort Myers and WCVU(FM) Solana/Punta Gorda/Fort Myers, Fla., from seller in February 1999

Seller: InterMart Broadcasting of Florida Inc., Bonita Springs, Fla. (Patricia Dahlin, vice president); owns two FMs and two AMs in Georgia and Florida

Facilities: 98.9 MHz, 5.5 kW, ant. 341 ft.