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Flingo Hires Former Google Exec

Interactive TV and smart TV application publisher Flingo has
hired longtime digital advertising executive Jackson Huynh as its new chief
operations officer.

As COO, Huynh will be responsible for the ongoing
development and global expansion of the

company's interactive TV software platform, Samba.

In the new post, Huynh brings over a decade of experience in
digital advertising. Most recently, he served as the global head of AdMob ad
operations for Google.

"With the proliferation of DVRs, over-the-top video, second
screen apps, there is both great risk and opportunity in the world of
advertising," said Huynh in a statement. "I believe Samba represents a unique
opportunity at the intersection of TV and digital advertising, where TV
marketers can leverage great technology to enable a cross-platform ad
experience, and a strong team at Flingo to guide and execute a cohesive
marketing strategy."

"Fragmentation is by most measures the single,
biggest threat to traditional marketing investments.  However, with our
patented technologies and Jackson's leadership, we believe multiscreen viewing
can become a huge asset and opportunity for the marketing industry," added
Ashwin Navin, cofounder and CEO of Flingo, in a statement.