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Five Trials on Court TV Extra

Online subscription-based service Court TV Extra will air five separate trials this week, the network said Monday.

Court TV Extra brings subscribers live video feeds from courtrooms across the country. Users can choose which feed to watch at any given time, live and without interruption for commercials or commentary.

The site also includes the up-to-the-minute trial highlights, the latest legal news and special reports.

On Court TV Extra’s docket this week:

• Gavel-to-gavel coverage of Humeston, et al. vs. Merck & Co., the ongoing legal battle on the safety of prescription pill Vioxx, live from the New Jersey courtroom.

• Live coverage of the Supreme Court nomination hearings of President Bush’s nominee. John Roberts Jr.

Wisconsinvs. Chai Vang, a murder trial on the death of six deer hunters in rural Wisconsin.

Fisher vs. Iowa FFA Foundation, a trial on a withheld prize for a hole-in-one in a charity golf tournament.

Georgiavs. Hinton, the criminal case of the murder of an Emory University co-ed.