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Five Questions For president Janice Marinelli

This year, it was court; what will be the next trend in syndication?

Oh, I think the talk show. I don't think it's ever gone out of vogue, but it's certainly back in a big way. That's because of the opportunities people see down the line. There's been certain talent who haven't declared whether or not they're continuing on in syndication, and there are certain talk shows that are getting old and tired.

Is there a show, currently in syndication, that you would like to have as your own to distribute?

I wish I had Oprah! Her show is just classy, and she's a remarkable woman.

How has the consolidation of the syndication industry affected the way you do business?

In the past, most people were able to bring shows to marketplace and get them placed. Those days are gone. It's affected the syndication business as a whole, but I think good shows will always break through and rise to the top.

Is there a passed-on show or talent that you wish you could have back?

There might have been talent that we bid on and didn't get, but I don't think that there's anyone that we passed on that I wish we didn't. It's hard because I've only been in this business a year. So ask me in a couple of years, and I might have a better answer.

What will the syndication business be like in 20 years?

It's going to become as consolidated as the rest of the TV business. Year after year, the smaller boutique agencies are going out of business, and the major studios that are vertically aligned become further and further entrenched. At the end of the day, you're only going to see a handful of companies still standing.