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Five Questions for President Bob Raleigh

What's the next trend in syndication?

For the health of the industry, it's a return to the basics of programming. If you look at the historical numbers as guidance on where to go, in the past decade, the only shows to have reached syndication's elite have been talk, game, magazine or court. If we don't go back to that and focus on the capacity to utilize the huge capacity of broadcast television and stop under-programming our stations, I think you will see the continued erosion of the audience.

What show currently in syndication would you like to have to distribute?

I would like Everybody Loves Raymond
because I think it's going to prove once again that the most predictable and impactful programming on a station's schedule is off-network sitcoms.

How does consolidation affect your day-to-day operations?

It forces us to focus more on the details and be a fuller-service organization and ultimately makes us better at what we do.

What talent or show has passed on that you wish you could have back?

Nothing I can think of.

Where is syndication in 10 years?

If we do get back to broad-based entertainment alternatives, the future is robust. If we continue to offer niche-oriented subsets of our potential audience, I think we'll see continued erosion and decline.