Five Easy Steps to Become the Broadcaster of Tomorrow

Successful content owners are currently taking steps to future-proof their business for the online broadcasting world of tomorrow. They’ve armed themselves with the right video workflow and delivery network partner, and they’re successfully navigating the complicated universe of vendors, technologies, mobile devices and platforms needed to stream video to any device, any time, anywhere. After conducting a survey of the thought leaders in the world of online broadcasting, we discovered a series of common trends. The following five steps outline what it takes for today’s broadcaster to become the forward-thinking Broadcaster of Tomorrow.

  1. Extend Your Workflow: The world of online video distribution is extremely fragmented across devices, video file formats, analytics and workflows. When selecting a partner, choose one that can help simplify the process while enabling a great experience on every screen.
  2. Integrate Existing Systems: The right partner can help integrate and automate existing broadcast systems for online distribution. This means future-proofing scheduling workflows and equipment, without unnecessary duplication of time and expense.
  3. Prepare for Scale: Viewers demand always-on, seamless experiences on their devices. As demand for more content grows, the right delivery network partner can ensure a quality viewing experience, no matter the size of the audience.
  4. Plan for Revenue: The right partner will support next-generation advertising, subscriptions, rentals and purchasing business models. In return, broadcasters will turn their online video business from a cost center to a viable source of revenue.
  5. Grow Your Audience: Promoting content and measuring its performance is necessary for success. The right partner can help broadcasters build awareness and buzz for their shows and films and provide insight into what their viewers want to watch.

Click the image below to download the full "Become the Broadcaster of Tomorrow in Five Easy Steps" infographic.