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FiOS TV Rolls Out WAPA America

Verizon has added WAPA America to its FiOS TV lineup.

The telco already has rolled out WAPA America, which originates from Puerto Rico and features programmer from WAPA-TV, in New York, Ft. Wayne, Ind. and in Oregon. It will be introduced in FiOS TV’s other markets over the next few months, according to officials at the companies.

“We are delighted to be able to reach the growing number of Puerto Ricans as well as all other Hispanics in Verizon’s FiOS TV markets across the country, and we are confident they will enjoy our unique and popular programming,” said WAPA-TV president Jose Ramos in a statement. “Coupled with the recent carriage announcement by Time Warner in New York and Bright House Networks in Tampa, this is a great momentum boost for WAPA America, and a major step in the growth of the leading network for the Caribbean Hispanic population in the U.S.”

WAPA-TV is a portfolio company of Leo Hindery’s private equity firm InterMedia Partners.