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FiOS Offers HD Six-Month Freebies

Verizon Communications Inc. is ringing in the new year with a new customer offer for potential FiOS subscribers with a strong HD component.

The telco has announced that customers who subscribe between now and Feb. 21. will get six months of free use of either a high-definition digital-video recorder or an HD home media DVR. The company notes that the offer will save a consumer between $95 and $119, depending on the DVR chosen.

The company noted that consumers are reevaluating how they spend their discretionary income in the current economy. A survey commissioned by Verizon, querying 1,026 adults, indicated the majority of respondents intend to spend more time at home watching television. 

Verizon is touting its HD home media DVR as an entertainment solution for these economic times that "old-fashioned cable can't match."