Final Member of Kidnapped NBC News Crew Escapes Syria

NBC News technical support staff member Ian Rivers, who was part
of the network's kidnapped crew in Syria, is now out of the country, NBC said

Rivers was separated from the rest of Richard Engel's
production team in the firefight at a Syrian rebel checkpoint, whichresulted in the NBC team's escape. While Engel and two other members of the
team escaped into Turkey early Tuesday, Rivers' whereabouts in Syria had
previously been unknown.

"Now that Ian Rivers has been reunited with Richard
Engel's entire production team, all of us at NBC News can breathe a huge sigh
of relief and express our deep appreciation to all who helped secure their
freedom," said NBC News president Steve Capus in a statement. "At the
same time, our thoughts and concerns are with those who remain missing inside
Syria and we hope for their swift and safe release."

Rivers is reportedly in good condition and will be evaluated
in Turkey.