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Feds demand more info on DTV delays

The Federal Communications Commission Monday asked 14 TV-station groups
controlling 22 stations to better explain their requests to delay their May 1
digital-TV rollout deadlines. The stations are among 863 that have asked for
permission to postpone their buildouts.

Operators demonstrating difficulty due to equipment snafus, legal and zoning
fights, lack of financing and natural disasters are permitted up to two six-month

Some waiver seekers have generated concerns about their plans to do digital
by the time the their extensions would run out.

Those that asked for more information about their delay requests were:

  • International Broadcasting: WVOZ Ponce, Puerto Rico;
    WTCV San Juan, Puerto Rico;
  • Red River Broadcasting: KDLT Sioux Falls, S.D.; KDLV
    Mitchell, S.D.; KQDS Duluth, Minn.; KVRR Fargo, N.D.;
  • Ruby Mountain Broadcasting: KENV Elko, Nev.;
  • Two Ocean Broadcasting: KJWY Jackson, Wyo.;
  • Waitt Broadcasting Cos.: KMEG, Sioux City, Iowa; KYOU
    Ottumwa, Iowa; WDFX Ozark, Ala.; WFXL Albany, Ga.; WPGX Panama City, Fla.;
  • Oregon Trail Broadcasting: KPVI Pocatello, Idaho;
  • Beartooth Communications Co.: KTVH Helena, Mont.;
  • National Communications: KVHP Lake Charles, La.;
  • Sierra Broadcasting Co.: KWNV Winnemucca, Nev.;
  • Falls Broadcasting: KXTF, Twin Falls, Idaho;
  • GE Media: WXFB Myrtle Beach, S.C.;
  • WTVA Inc.: KTFL Flagstaff, Ariz.;
  • Southwestern Broadcasting: WVEO Aguadilla, Puerto
    Rico; and
  • California Broadcasting: KAEF Arcata, Calif.