FearNet Launches 30 Days of Night Miniseries

FearNet, in conjunction with Sam Raimi’s Ghose House Pictures, will be launching a 30 Days of Night miniseries as a companion to the graphic novel and feature film of the same name. 

The miniseries, called 30 Days of Night: Blood Trails, will premiere on FearNet.com and FearNet’s VOD service September 13th. The miniseries will lead up the feature films release on October 19th.

 “In our commitment to creating the premiere horror and thriller destination, we are reaching out to the creative community and providing a platform for the short-form thrillers that lurk in the minds of entertainment’s most creative people,” said Diane Robina, President of FEARnet. 

The 30 Days of Night graphic novels already have a strong fan base, and that was a factor in deciding to produce the miniseries, according to Rob Tapert, a partner in Ghost House Pictures.

“To be able to provide these core fans and horror lovers alike with a chance to get even deeper into this Vampire world through the Blood Trails mini-series is truly exciting for us.”